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Menu Plan Monday – June 22, 2009

mpmsmileyMy budget’s a little tight this week with having to make two unexpected trips up to SD over the next two weeks. I’m using a lot of on-hand items and trying some new recipes. Hopefully they’re a hit!

Another Wilderness Camp week, so breakfast and lunch are the same M-F.

Breakfast: Muffin or pancake, hardboiled egg(s)
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich, cucumber, rice krispie bar, Sunny D

Supper: Spaetzle, minute steaks and frozen veggies on-hand

Supper: Bean and cheese burrito, mexi-corn

Supper: Picnic chicken, lettuce wedges

Supper: Pasta potluck

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Supper: My daughter will be at her dad’s, so I’ll be eating whatever’s handy.


Tortilla Rollups

My aunt made this recipe for me 11 years ago and I always get rave reviews when I bring it for food days at work.

16 oz cream cheese, softened
flour tortillas
1 diced red pepper
2 diced jalapenos
chili powder

(Adjust pepper and jalapenos to your taste.) Mix cream cheese, peppers, jalapenos. Spread a layer of the mix on tortilla, sprinkle with chili powder. Roll tight, cut off edges (and eat them) then slice into 1 inch rolls.

Menu Plan Monday – June 15, 2009

mpm8-1It’s time for Wilderness Camp! Breakfast and lunch are the same M-F to keep the week a little easier. They’ve already been pre-made and sacked. Breakfast for two, lunch for one (I’ll eat leftovers). Grab and Go!

All supper recipes come from the 1961 Betty Crocker cookbook. My cookbook was handed down from my Grandma to my Mother and finally to me. It survived a fire and is duct taped together 😀 I love history!

Breakfast: Muffin or pancake, hardboiled egg(s)
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich, cucumber, rice krispie bar, Sunny D

Supper: Lasagna, frozen veggies on-hand

Supper: Stuffed Green Peppers, rice

Supper: Midwest Fried Chicken (made ahead and eaten cold) with spinach and strawberry salad

Supper: Spaghetti Pie, frozen meatballs

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Visiting family in SD. We’ll eat whatever they make 🙂

Stuffed Green Peppers

100_0257From my 1961 Betty Crocker cookbook.

4 lg green peppers
1 c water with 1 1/2 tsp salt, boiling
8 oz tomato sauce
1/2 lb ground beef
1 c dry bread or cracker crumbs
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 tbsp chopped onion

Heat oven to 350. Cut a thin slice from the stem end of each pepper. Wash outside and inside, removing all seeds and membrane. Cook peppers in boiling water 5 min. Drain. Mix rest of ingredients. Stuff peppers lightly with meat mix. Stand upright in small baking dish. Bake covered 45 min, uncover and bake 15 min longer. 4 servings.

Spaghetti Pie

100_0257From my 1961 Betty Crocker cookbook.

7-8 oz spaghetti, cooked
1 c cottage cheese
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
1 c grated sharp cheddar cheese
1 egg, beaten
2 tbsp grated Parmesan

Heat oven to 350. Mix spaghetti, cottage cheese, 2 eggs, salt, pepper and cheddar. Place in buttered 9 inch pie pan. Top with mix of 1 egg and Parmesan. Bake 45-55 min or until silver knife inserted in center comes out clean. Serve warm garnished with parsley.

Menu Plan Monday – June 8, 2009


School’s Out! Lunch plans included.

(This week’s breakfast and lunch are mix and match because of school being out.)


Flaxseed pancake, yogurt
Flaxseed pancake, hardboiled egg
Flaxseed pancake, mandarin oranges
Cereal, banana
Cereal, toast
Bagel with cream cheese, banana
Bagel with cream cheese, strawberries

Ham and cheese sandwich, celery with peanut butter
Ham and cheese sandwich, celery with peanut butter
Roast beef sandwich (leftover from Sunday), spinach, strawberries
Leftover pizza, carrots with ranch dressing
Leftover pizza, carrots with ranch dressing
Eat out
Eat out

Snacks (Choose 2/day)
Spinach and strawberries
Celery with peanut butter
Rice Krispie bar

Monday: Godfather’s pizza (only $5.50 for a large)
Tuesday: Simple Time Pork Chops, corn, mashed potatoes
Wednesday: Leftover pizza
Thursday: Mini Meatloaves, pasta, green beans
Friday: Eat out
Saturday: Eat out
Sunday: Chicken breast, spinach ravioli with Alfredo sauce, green beans

Because I had a lot of what I needed on-hand, groceries were only $15.08 this week! This allows us to eat out for 2 lunches and 2 suppers. Our eat out allowance for the week is $30 for two people. Thanks to coupons and lunch/dinner specials, we’ll be able to stick to the budget.

Fruited Bagel

2 Servings

1 bagel, any kind
cream cheese, any kind
fruit or veggie, sliced or chopped, any kind

Split bagel in half. Top thickly with cream cheese, then fruit.

Our favorite versions:
Cinnamon raisin or brown sugar bagel, plain cream cheese, apple slices
Plain bagel, strawberry cream cheese, blueberries
Blueberry bagel, plain cream cheese, strawberries
Tuscan flavored bagel, plain cream cheese, peppers and onions or broccoli