Menu Plan Monday – June 15, 2009

mpm8-1It’s time for Wilderness Camp! Breakfast and lunch are the same M-F to keep the week a little easier. They’ve already been pre-made and sacked. Breakfast for two, lunch for one (I’ll eat leftovers). Grab and Go!

All supper recipes come from the 1961 Betty Crocker cookbook. My cookbook was handed down from my Grandma to my Mother and finally to me. It survived a fire and is duct taped together 😀 I love history!

Breakfast: Muffin or pancake, hardboiled egg(s)
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich, cucumber, rice krispie bar, Sunny D

Supper: Lasagna, frozen veggies on-hand

Supper: Stuffed Green Peppers, rice

Supper: Midwest Fried Chicken (made ahead and eaten cold) with spinach and strawberry salad

Supper: Spaghetti Pie, frozen meatballs

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Visiting family in SD. We’ll eat whatever they make 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have some green peppers in the garden that we will be needing to use up next week. Maybe, I’ll add some stuffed peppers to my list. We haven’t had that in ages.


  2. I’ve got my gramma’s old Betty Crocker cook book as well. Not sure on the year though.


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