Food Resolutions

I’m so excited about this. I’m a dork, I know! Check back for updates on how well I’m keeping my 2010 New Year’s ‘Food’ Resolutions.

*Update: Last year (2010) the only Food Resolution I succeeded most at was shopping the perimeter. Now, I know it’s September, but this is a good month to restart all those resolutions I didn’t follow through with or have forgotten about. Why should I wait until New Year’s? Happy Autumn 2011!!!

(A) Eat out no more than twice a month

(B) Cook healthier meals

(C) Attempt ‘once a week cooking’

(D) Use all those little kitchen appliances and gadgets that I had to have but rarely use

(E) Make time for breakfast

(F) I’m adding a last minute resolution: Shop ONLY the perimeter of the grocery store

9/19/11 – Used a couple small kitchen appliances 🙂 Made salsa with my little food chopper and my Magic Bullet, my daughter used the griddle to make hamburgers.

9/26/11 – Used crockpot, griddle (hamburgers and steak), Magic Bullet (for smoothies) and didn’t eat out 🙂

10/3/11 – We didn’t eat out… that’s about it.

10/10/11 –


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  1. kitchen appliances should be always cleaned after use to prevent the growth of microbes :~,


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