Menu Plan Monday – May 3, 2010

My daughter just came back from an educational trip to Washington DC. It was a great opportunity for her to see history and make friends from around the country. Now that she’s back and my finances are on track, it’s time to do some real meal planning. It feels good to get back into the swing of things.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and potential mothers out there! I’ll be enjoying free mini-golf with my beautiful daughter on Sunday… reminiscing about how she was a perfect baby and SO MUCH EASIER TO DEAL WITH BACK THEN 🙂

As a single mother of a 13 year old, I couldn’t ask for a more caring and understanding kid. She knows when to hug me and when to let me be. She knows how to have fun and be a goof and she can cheer me up in a second with her humor. Thanks Jaid for being You!

Supper: Chicken salad sandwich, lettuce wedges with dressing, apple

Supper: Sirloin sizzlers, mashed potatoes, green bean

Supper: Pasta primavera with chicken

Supper: We’ll be experimenting with some Chinese veggies, lo mein, sauce and adding leftover steak.

Supper: Surprise Jaiden: Mamasita’s (a favorite Mexican restaurant in Bennet, NE, that we haven’t been to since 2007.)

Supper: Leftovers

Supper: Happy Mother’s Day! Not a clue… Jaiden’s cooking 🙂

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