Menu Plan Monday – May 24, 2010

It’s almost Memorial Day Weekend! This is my favorite time of year because my daughter and I have a tradition of going on a roadtrip every Memorial Day weekend. This will be our first year going somewhere I know NOTHING about. Oklahoma City: Watch out, here we come! And we’re on a mission to have fun!

If anyone knows of a ‘must eat at’ restaurant, please let me know.

This week I have everything on hand, so NO grocery bill! Woohoo!

Supper: Kielbasa Alfredo, Brussel sprouts

Supper: Spinach salad with cucumbers, mushrooms and feta, apple, smoothie

Supper: Chicken Parmesan, baked potato

Supper: Leftovers

We will be on our way to Oklahoma City, so hopefully we’ll find a little off the wall diner on the way.

Breakfast: Free breakfast at motel
Lunch: No clue
Supper: Somewhere in Bricktown

Breakfast: Free breakfast at motel
Lunch: Visiting Frontier City so I’m sure it won’t be a cheap lunch 😦
Supper: We’ll be choosing from a ‘Diner’s, Drive-In and Dives’ restaurant


2 responses to this post.

  1. The spinach salad looks great! Have a good trip.


  2. Posted by Colleen P. on May 26, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    IF you like Mexican food, then you must try Chelino’s in OKC. Cattleman’s Steakhouse is also very good, and Sprigg’s BBQ is the place for brisket. Most of these places are pretty much dives, but the best food isn’t always from the place with the nicest table linens! LOL-I don’t even think Spriggs has table linens! I spent the first 27 years of my life in or around OKC, but it’s changed a lot since I lived there. Downtown used to be unsafe after dark, now it’s where everyone goes! The last time I was there was two years ago and they’ve really spruced the ol’ girl up. Enjoy!


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