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Menu Plan Monday – June 14, 2010

I’ve been completely slacking in the kitchen… and extremely uncreative when I’m not slacking. I haven’t posted meal plans for the past two weeks mostly because I’ve been lazy. Too lazy to even think about cooking, let alone do it! Good thing my daughter can fend for herself, otherwise she might have starved.

This week I’m continuing my lazy-spree 🙂 I didn’t think at all about what to cook, instead I let my friends at guide my way. I stole recipes from last week that made my mouth water. Thanks buddies!

Supper: Realizing my daughter (13 yrs old) has NEVER experienced a BLT, I knew I had to make it. Thanks @ 6. Kerris Klutter for reminding me of one of my favorite (and few and far between) summer sandwiches: BLT

Supper: Leftovers – Clean Out the Fridge Day

Supper: I love the step by step instructions. Somedays I need that 🙂 Hotdogs and Pioneer Woman’s Macaroni and Cheese @ 25. Julie @ For Free, Ya Take

Supper: I’m headed out with friends tonight, so it’s leftovers for the kiddo!

Supper: These look easy, easy enough for my daughter to make! Won Ton Tacos @ 1. What’s for Dinner

Supper: Out for supper since my daughter leaves Sunday morning to go to church camp in Wyoming.

Supper: Leftovers since I’m on my own.