Menu Plan Monday – July 12, 2005

Last week wasn’t a good week… for meals, for work, for parenting… But I had a great weekend with the high point being $1.48/lb ground beef on sale in 3+lb packs. We had sloppy joes (or for those of you from SD: BBQs) Saturday night (made by my sweet daughter) and froze the rest in 1/4lb slabs to be used for hamburgers.

Supper: Hamburgers, homemade onion rings

Supper: Pork Chops Paprikash, garlic and olive oil vermicelli, green beans

Supper: Leftovers

Supper: Bowling Night for me, Kid Freedom Night for Jaid (tv to herself and she gets to raid the fridge!)

Supper: Hotdogs, mac ‘n cheese (I might try homemade since we’re overflowing with cheese due to all the sales)

Supper: Grilled cheese and leftover mac ‘n cheese

Supper: Hamburgers, french fries


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  1. Your menu sounds great! We love burgers and sloppy joes!! I would’ve been so excited to find ground beef on sale that cheap! Have a great week!!


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