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Menu Plan Monday ~ October 10, 2011

Visit for more great menu ideas

This week is all about using groceries that are about to expire. I hate throwing food away and sometimes it happens, but it’s not going to happen this week!!!

Jaid starts guitar lessons at my college on Monday so Mondays will be ‘slacker’ suppers. Easy, peasy, no effort meals. We’ll both be at class until 8ish which means we’ll either have to eat supper at 4:30 or 9:00. Maybe we’ll just have a nice, healthy snack at both of those times 🙂

Supper: YOYO

Tuesday – Using ‘soon to expire’ cream cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes
Supper: Homemade creamy mac ‘n cheese, BLTs, feta-topped tomato slices

Wednesday – Using lettuce and BBQ beef
Supper: BBQ’d beef sandwiches, salad and leftover mac ‘n cheese

Thursday – Using sausage and polenta, both about to expire
Supper: Sausage and peppers over polenta

Supper: Jaiden was invited to a Homecoming dance and I work so we’re both on our own

Supper: YOYO

Sunday – Using onion dip and corn on the cob
Supper: Steak, experimenting with onion dip and mashed potatoes, corn on the cob. Last week’s roast was a bust since it didn’t fit in my crockpot and I had no clue how else to make it. I did some research and roasted it in the oven at a slow temp but it came out hard as a rock. I’m taking a break from roast this week.


Menu Plan Monday ~ October 3, 2011

Our Wonton wrapper experience last Tuesday was a hit! Jaid invited a friend over and we set up a ‘buffet’ of foods we could use. We went through 42 Wonton wrappers between the three of us. We sure did make a mess but we’ll definitely do it again!

Some of our fillings included:
* strawberry cream cheese and strawberries
* leftover sloppy Joes and cheese
* cream cheese and habanero
* chocolate sauce and strawberries
* sliced BBQ chicken
* ham and cheese

Well, It’s ‘back to school’ time for me. Luckily, I only have class on Mondays and Wednesdays so I’ll be able to cook most of the week.

This week I’m stealing menu ideas from some of last week’s MPM bloggers and I’m excited to try some new recipes!

Supper: YOYO

Supper: Kasha Varnishkes (I’ve always wanted to try this but could never find Kasha. Thanks Frugal Follies for explaining what it is and where to find it), steak, green beans

Supper: YOYO

Supper: A Slob Comes Clean made me laugh so hard while reading last week’s post. My mom used to make porcupine meatballs but they were smothered in some sort of tomato sauce. I’m excited to try ‘Meal of Meat in Fake Gravy‘. I’ll be serving these over mashed potatoes with corn on the side.

Supper: Chili Cornbread Bake found at Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures looks so good. I’ve seen similar recipes in cookbooks but just haven’t gotten to them yet, so her’s will be the first I try.

Supper: Leftovers

Supper: Of course, roast 🙂 It just wouldn’t be Sunday without a nice roast with carrots, celery, onion and potatoes